Free Kunal Deb (Community Administrator) (free_kunal) wrote in kunal,
Free Kunal Deb (Community Administrator)

Update: 30th April, 2002 - More news from Debal

1. I telephoned Mr. JR Bhagat, IG (Western Zone)
and told him of my suspicion that the CD had been changed. He tried to assure me that he had found the CD untampered and intact. From the tone of his answers to my question about his inquiry, I became suspicious of the content of his report. I remembered the wise comment of a powerful police official: “You cannot expect a police official to report against his colleagues.” So I have dropped the idea of seeing or using his report.

2. Mr. Nabo Dutta of Nagarik Mancha suggested that it’s time we go on the offensive. Now that nothing else could be expected from the police, we should begin condemning the police and the administration. Sujato Bhadra of APDR endorsed this view. So we decided that a large public seminar would be held in Kolkata on Friday the 3rd May 4 – 7 pm. Today we have reserved the auditorium, and asked some 50 tribals, including women, to arrive from their villages.

3. One of the rare police officers with some good sense and integrity advised me to appeal or press the Chief Minister to immediately withdraw the false case and free Kunal, failing which we ought to press him to order a CID inquiry. So we are looking for an influential celebrity to take us to the CM.

4. Mother and aunt are going tomorrow to see Kunal at Rampurhat jail (euphemised as Correction House!). I tried to dissuade them because I did not want them to have the trauma of seeing Kunal in bad condition, behind the bars. After yesterday's disappointment, however, they were desperate to see Kunal. I could only warn them not to ask Kunal anything about the food quality or the living conditions in jail custody.

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