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Free Kunal Deb (Community Administrator)

Public Hearing: 3rd May, 2002 Kolkata

Taken from today's press release.

Kunal Deb, a social worker, was arrested on the 2nd April 2002, based on some patently false charges. He has been refused bail, and is still held in jail custody at Rampurhat. We are convinced that he has been booked because his work in the tribal area of Mollarpur galvanized mass resistance to the different types of exploitation of local tribals - especially women and children workers - in the stone quarries and crushers in Mohammadbazar block of Birbhum. It is an irony that after having worked for years to stop the atrocities against tribals, Kunal himself has been booked under the SC & ST (Prevention of Atrocitries) Act - for an alleged crime which the villagers vouch never took place.

We apprehend that such framing of false charges against activists in the State is prognosticative of a process of stifling of democracy, which must by opposed by all concerned citizens. To give voice to our concerns, and listen to the testimony of the eyewitnesses from the villages, we are calling a convention on Friday the 3rd May, 2002 at 4:15 pm at Mahabodhi Society Auditorium, Bankim Chatterjee Street, Kolkata.

Please come.

on behalf of:

Nagarik Mancha & Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
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