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Update: 17th May Suri Convention

More news from Debal

Dear Friends,

With an exemplary travesty of justice, Kunal's bail has been refused once again. Kunal's next bail hearing will take place on Monday the 13th May at Kolkata High Court.

As was decided at the 3rd May Convention at Kolkata, a big convention will be held at Suri on Friday the 17th May. This
convention will take place at the DRDA Hall near DM's office from 12 noon to 3:30 pm.

After the convention, a team of representatives will visit the District Magistrate and the Superintendent of Police,
around 4 pm.

We have already printed all the handbills and posters demanding immediate release of Kunal and unconditional withdrawal of the false charges against him. We shall hand over these posters and handbills to you for distribution
at appropriate locations in your areas of work.

Most of the participants from Kolkata will return the same evening by the 5:30 train. Some (including myself) prefer to stay back 'til the next morning.

Participants are requested to gather at the Circuit House ground on the 17th morning - latest by 11 am. After tea and
snacks, we all will proceed to the DRDA Hall, near DM's Office, for the convention.

Earnestly expecting to see all of you and your colleagues at the Suri convention by 11 am at the DRDA Hall or the
Circuit House.

In solidarity,

Debal Deb

(On behalf of Citizens' Forum)
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