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Update: Next bail hearing Monday, 29th April

The latest news from Debal.

1. I signed the affidavit at the Calcutta High Court this morning (25th), and the petition for Kunal's bail has been submitted. The hearing will be held on Monday the 29th - despite all my wishes and efforts to make it tomorrow, the 26th.

2. Yesterday I met with the Inspectior General of Police, Western Zone, to give him some documents relating to Kunal's work and his letters to the administration informing them of the series of threats he had received from the stone quarry mafia. He mentioned that he heard from the local police that Kunal was a member of the Maoist Coordination Centre (MCC) of CPI(ML) - a banned ultra-left group. He said that some police officer stated that if Kunal were being detained in Bankura or Medinipur district, he would have been killed by the police by now. I felt it imperative to tell him that had Kunal actually been a MCC member, he wouldn't have been sitting in jail custody under false charges; instead, some quarry owners would have been killed long ago. The IG agreed. He assured me of a thorough investigation into the matter.

3. I have been unable to see Kunal since Saturday last (meetings with lawyers, the police officials, the press, party bureaucrats, and the court paraphernalia have kept me too occupied to visit Rampurhat all these days). So I asked Mita, my friend, to visit Kunal, which
she did today. And she reports that Kunal seems to have broken down a bit: he asked two times: "Will I get released on Monday, Mita-di?" And she says Kunal appears to have
lost some weight. Of course, her perception is tainted by her emotion.

4. Swati has collected 190 signatures on the online petition as of today. May I request that you please visit and sign the petition at URL:

Thanks for all your kind support,


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